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Trading Policy
« il: 04 Giugno 2009, 09:23:48 »
Uno dei motivi dell'enorme successo della Dave Matthews Band degli esordi è stata sicuramente la possibilità per i fan di poter registrare (taping) i concerti. Non solo, i fan potevano addirittura collegare il loro registratore al mixer (SBD o soundboard), ottenendo una qualità sonora praticamente perfetta.

Dal 1998 le cose sono un po' cambiate: ora non è più possibile collegarsi al mixer (a causa di alcune persone che misero in vendita, a caro prezzo, queste registrazioni), ma è rimasta la possibilità di registrare tramite microfoni i concerti.

Il management della DMB ha stilato una trading policy alla quale è necessario attenersi per poter effettuare o scambiare delle registrazioni di concerti. I punti principali sono i seguenti:

  • le registrazioni sono per uso personale o per scambio tra fan;
  • lo scambio di registrazioni può essere effettuato unicamente nell'ottica di favorire l'interazione tra i fan;
  • è vietato vendere o commercializzare le registrazioni;
  • sono vietate le registrazioni IEM* (ottenute da ricevitori wireless);
  • sono permesse unicamente registrazioni audio (non video).

In una lettera inviata dal management della DMB al sito db.etree.org lo scambio "torrent" dei concerti è stato ammesso come rispondente alla policy purché venga rispettato il principio dell'interazione tra i fan.

* L'acronimo IEM (In-Ear Monitor) identifica i sistemi radio utilizzati come "monitor" sul palco; ogni musicista ha un ricevitore radio collegato a degli auricolari per l'ascolto del suo e degli altri strumenti (è l'equivalente degli altoparlanti rivolti verso il musicista che si usavano tempo fa). Utilizzando un ricevitore simile è possibile ricevere e registrare lo stesso segnale ascoltato dal musicista. Siccome questo sistema è utilizzato dai musicisti anche per parlarsi tra di loro e con i tecnici, la registrazione di questi segnali è proibita per ovvie ragioni di privacy.

Di seguito si riporta il testo originale riguardante la Trading Policy della DMB, consultabile all'indirizzo http://www.davematthewsband.com/legal.

Spoiler: mostra


Dave Matthews Band allows audiotaping at almost every live performance. We feel that each show is unique and want to offer our fans the opportunity to recreate the live experience through the audio reproduction of our shows. At all taping authorized performances, tapers can tape from any ticketed seating location in the venue. Also, for many of these performances tapers are able to purchase tickets for a specially designated taper section, normally located immediately behind the soundboard. No soundboard or power feeds are provided.

Taping is limited to audio-only, using only microphones. Wireless receivers are strictly prohibited. We sincerely appreciate all of our fans, so we ask that you please be considerate of those around you by not obstructing anyone else's view of the performance.

All recordings must be used for personal use or trading only. Selling or commercializing any recording is illegal and will jeopardize taping privileges for everyone. Please read our Bootleg Statement for more information.

In addition to helping fans recreate the live experience, we hope tape trading will foster greater interaction within the fan community. Any method of trading that does not involve personal fan interaction defeats the spirit of this goal of the taping policy and is not authorized. In particular, posting audio or video files on web sites for streaming to or downloading by the public, is not authorized.

Audio Video

All audio and video performances belong to the Dave Matthews Band and are not available for promotional use without the explicit prior written consent of the Dave Matthews Band. Please read our Bootleg Statement for more information.

Web Sites

Dave Matthews Band endorses the creation of fan web sites; however, the images, audio, and video material found on www.davematthewsband.com and www.warehouse.davematthewsband.com belong to Dave Matthews Band and may only be used with the Band's prior consent. Please e-mail us at webmaster@davematthewsband.com to request consent.


All lyrics, CD covers, and other original artwork designed by or for Dave Matthews Band belong to Dave Matthews Band. Please respect the band's ownership and refrain from infringing upon copyrights.

Bootleg Statement

A notice to our fans about Bootleg Recordings, Television and Radio Broadcasts:

We would like to thank those of you who have been helping us with the bootleg CD problem. For those of you who are unaware of what's been going on we would like to let you know that the Dave Matthews Band has always encouraged the taping of our performances, but only for personal use, including trading, as outlined in the Taping Policy Statement. The proliferation of commercial resale of recordings of our concerts has become a concern to us. Commercial bootleg's are not only excessively priced and of inferior quality, but primarily, they are an illegal use that threaten the taping privileges of everyone. Due to the efforts of a few unscrupulous tapers the privilege of recording live performances has been jeopardized. Those of you who have passed along information about commercialized recordings have been very instrumental in our fight against these bootleggers. An equally important violation of the integrity of the music is the unauthorized commercial exploitation of the band now occurring on television and radio broadcasts. Without our knowledge or permission, our songs have been used on soap operas, sports promotions, and even as the introduction to the Rush Limbaugh show. Once again we turn to you to assist us with putting a stop to this use of our music. If you see Dave Matthews Band music being used in what you feel may be an uncomfortable situation for the band, we ask you to notify us by e-mail or fax. Please provide the date, time, station, program name and song used. And don't forget, the battle against bootleggers is an ongoing one. We still encourage you to email or fax us the name and locations of any retailers or distributors of bootleg CD's along with the titles and quantities in stock. With your help we can stop the flood of illegal recordings and preserve the privilege of our fans to record our performances. We can be reached by e-mail at webmaster@davematthewsband.com or by fax at Attn: DMB Warehouse (434) 951-9006. Thanks.


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